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RESOLVING HEDDA a world premiere comedy by Jon Klein
Hedda Gabler, very tired of dying every performance, rebels against Ibsen’s play and tries to outwit the inevitability of her own fate. Pirandello meets the Marx Brothers, as Hedda embarks on a mission of sabotage.

Sides for RESOLVING HEDDA auditions are linked below.
**Please Note: Everyone auditioning for Hedda must perform the monologue AND one scene**
#1 Hedda monologue 
#2 Hedda and Thea
#3 Hedda and Brack
#4 Hedda and George
#5 Hedda and Eilert
#6 Hedda and Eilert
#7 Hedda and Aunt Julia
#8 Hedda and Aunt Julia and George

Photo & Resume submissions only to : Now Casting, LA Casting

This is an ITLA production. We are accepting submissions from SAG-AFTRA, Non-Union, and any AEA members that wish to apply. There is reimbursement.


A VICTORY THEATRE/BAREBONES World Premiere in The Big Victory
Director: Maria Gobetti
Producers: Tom Ormeny, Katie Witkowski
Set Designer: Evan Bartoletti

Techs: Sept 7, 8, 9
Dress: Sept 10
Previews: Sept 15, 16, 17
Dress: Sept 21
Opens; Sept 22, 23, 24
Runs: Fri, Sat at 8pm, Sun at 4pm
Rehearsal: to Start in August

HEDDA: late 20’s early 30’s; very attractive, alluring, smart, temperamental.

AUNT JULIA: late 50’s to 65; stuffy and easily offended, protective of her oblivious nephew, and very distrustful of Hedda.

THEA: late 20’s early 30’s; modest and pretty, though not a raving beauty like Hedda. A small town girl and a bit naïve. Capable of flashes of anger, though.

GEORGE: mid to late 30’s; he is bookish and timid. An absent-minded professor type. Yet he must be capable of some basic innocent charm as well, for Hedda to become jealous when she begins to lose him to her rival at the end of the play.

EILERT: mid to late 30’s; fiercely handsome, passionate, the center of attention when he walks into any room. Any woman would throw herself at him. Yet he’s also arrogant, overly dramatic, and surprisingly sexist.

BRACK: 50’s or early 60’s; an attractive judge, extremely articulate and clever, subtly lecherous, a master of the double entendre

All actors must be able to handle serio-comic material and the play is a period costume comedy set in Ibsen era 1891.