Past Productions

1980 The Miss Firecracker Contest∗ 1998 Monkey Grass∗
American Iliad
Meetin’s on the Porch*
1981 The Mound Builders
Scenes and Revelations
1999 Oleanna*
The Reception
Freak Storm
1982 My Cup Ranneth Over
A Party For Divorce
On The Money
2000 Judy’s Scary Little Christmas∗
Love Struck
1983 Back to Back 2001 When Tigers Smoked Long
Wishing Well∗
1984 Are You Now Or Have You Ever
2002 An Evening with the Egos
1985 Frontiers
This Story Of Yours
2003 The Credeaux Canvas∗
The Glorious Uncertainty
Modern Dance For Beginners
1986 History Of Fear
Carney Rod and Gun Club
2004 Suggestibility*
Venus In Orange
Navy Pier
1987 T Bone ‘n Weasel
Talking Things Over With Chekhov∗
2005 Beggars in the House of Plenty
Duet for One
1988 Cafe 50’s
Miss Fairchild Sings
Don’t Go Back To Rockville∗
The Steven Weed Show
2006 Reflections of a Black Deaf
The Elephant Man
1989 Bonus Baby
Rainbow Bar and Grille
2007 Orange Flower Water∗
Broken Glass
1990 Hollywood Follies∗ 2008 Kimberly Akimbo∗
Taking Care∗The Quality of Mercy
The World’s Largest Rodent
1991 Stopping the Desert 2009 The Dining Room
My Old Friends*
1992 Up the Nile
Sirens of Seduction
Wilsons Women
Meet The Wilsons
Mother’s Day
Eastern Standard∗

My Old Friends* (extended)
The Glory of Living*
Wonder of the World
1993 2011 Wonder of the World (extended)
Ten Cent Night*
Old Glory*
1994 Cut Flowers
An Old Actress in the Role of
Dostoyevsky’s Wife
Surprise, Surprise
Are You Lonesome Tonight?
Old Glory* (extended)
Sex and Education*
Who’s Your Daddy?*
Who’s Your Daddy? Edinburgh*
Last Night Inn
A Christmas Twist
1995 Catch A Falling Star∗
Staying Married
Run For Your Wife
Last of the Red Hot Lovers
2013 How Do You Spell Chanuka?
Giving Up Is Hard To Do
The Last Days of Judas Iscariot
Who’s Your Daddy?* New York
1996 Baby
Ciao Bella
Escape From Happiness
On the Money * (extended)

 1997 Boxcar and Eugenia
Life On The Line
Spike Heels
 2015 The Shoplifters*
 2016 The Engine of Our Ruin*

*Critic’s Choice